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Pedigree Dog Food Recall

Only 15 pound bags of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food with the production code detailed below were sold at 12 Dollar General stores in the following four states:
Each product will have the lot code 432C1KKM03 printed on the back of the bag near the UPC and a Best Before date of 8/5/15.



Jan Kempenaers - Spomenik: The End of HIstory (2006-9)

There are hundreds of these spomeniks (monuments) scattered throughout villages and rural landscapes in the former Yugoslavia.

"Le Corbusier’s concept of ‘radiant city’ may never have gained much traction in the real world, but some of its tropes, especially the idea of enveloping greenspace, can be found in the Spomenik sites. Some of these structures appear to be actual buildings, though devoid of viable internal living spaces. Others resemble futuristic housing along the lines of a ‘tomorrowland’.”

I think these are super cool. 

Just a couple of things to know….

Just a couple of things to know….

First.  Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to get a profile image crafted of you, your pet, or your child.  This Saturday!  Blane is a local artist, and we need to support our locals.  Come on out and sign up before the slots are all gone.  If you can’t make it out before Saturday, then just give me a call and I will sign you up! Follow this LINK for more details.

In other news….. There is a…

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We have a special announcement!

We have a special announcement!

We will have a guest to our RCVA home on Saturday, August 30, between 10am and 4pm.  How many of you know that Grandparent’s Day is right around the corner?  September 7th to be exact.  Well, we have the perfect gift for them.  “Silhouettes By Blane”will be here hand-crafting silhouettes, by appointment only.  The sign-up sheet is here at RCVA.  Or you can email us at  Just put…

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The Space Shuttle Challenger


     Tuesday January 28th 1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion from the view of front south of pad 39-B about 3 miles away from The Launch pad. The Explosion took place 73 seconds into Challengers 10th flight at 11:39:13 A.M EST

I think about this day at least once a week, I can’t believe i was only 15yr and i still remember it like it happened today. I miss watching the Shuttle take off. I use to love sitting on Coco Beach @ night. Those were the best lift offs

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